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Howdy all!

I know EVERBODY has been wondering where I've been and what I've been up to. The sleepless nights you've spent worrying.....the endless gossip..... the salacious rumors of an alien marriage!
Well, wonder no more; here's the latest!Bill Bytsura Photographer

I have been dutifully working on updating my website & going through my archives. I'm posting some of my favorite images and finding some gems amongst random pixels. I have over 40 years of digital & film images to share; Join me on a meandering yet exciting journey through my hard drives & film archives.
And yet.... there's more!!
In addition to that, (hold on to your hats) more images are available for you to purchase!!!
Print editions are available framed or unframed; all images are matted with archival acid-free materials. Framed photographs come in a simple black gallery frame. All prints will be signed and numbered in editions of 18.
Why 18, you may ask? I do not know!
Image size is 8x12 inches; back in the day, when I shot 35mm film, a full-frame image would measure in at a 2:3 ratio. I like to shoot with that in mind and crop images in the camera while shooting. Using the entire image is more natural to my shooting style than cropping to 8x10 or other unnatural sizes. I like to say & shoot with WYSIWYG in mind; what you see is what you get.
I will keep 3 of each image in reserve to donate as fundraisers for various organizations; editions 1 through 15 will be available for purchase. Unframed prints are mounted & matted the same way with the same archival acid-free materials, ready to be placed in the frame of your choice.

During  Pride Month, with any framed or unframed print, I will also include a copy of "the AIDS activist project" with your print. I want to share the amazing activism & stories of AIDS activism. Pride month is certainly a time to remember this history

So, have a gander; feel free to leave comments if you are so moved. Join me as I start on a fantastical, mesmerizing, inspiring, and yet, sure to be a confusing journey through my work.
Add your name to my email list, and I'll let you know when I post new work. Or if it should ever happen, I have something interesting to say...     


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