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https://www.billbytsura.com/pages/earth-angels-broad-channel-new-york-9-4-2006Sword Fight, Broad Channel, NYC 9.4.2006
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In 2006, on my 50th (eeek!!) birthday, I decided to treat myself to a day alone with my camera. Back then I was shooting with a Canon 20D. I'm not big on birthdays, especially my own. I'm more than happy to let the day pass with no acknowledgment. 

Relying on public transportation, I looked to the New York City MTA for guidance. I hopped on the subway, headed out to The Rockaways, and got off in Broad Channel, a s

Gamblers, Broad Channel, New York, 9.4.2006

mall, close-knit community in the middle of Jamaica Bay. So small you could probably walk the length of the town in 10 minutes.

It was September 4, Labor Day; as luck would have it, there was a parade. Even though the town has a less than stellar reputation for its parades (especially in 1998), I decide to stay and see what transpired.

Coincidentally I had an ACT UP t-shirt on. I was a bit worried someone might recognize it and say something. I was standing back from the street a bit, a little out of sight. A woman then walked over to me, looked at my shirt, nodded her head, and said, "ACT UP New York... welcome to Broad Channel".

Angel-Cat Black and White Photograph by Bill Bytsutra
Turned out to be a pleasant day and a nice parade.
I took pictures.
These are some of the pictures.



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