Hey! Give It back!

I'm pleased as punch I'm able to give something back to my community. From now until June 30th for every book sold I am giving $5.00 to each, a total of $20.00 of each book sale, to these great organizations and groups: Housing Works, Inc, Gays against Guns, ( who can't love a group with the acronym "GAG"?), Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, and Reclaim Pride.

I think it's important to do & give what you can when you can. Being able to support this diverse range of organizations is a good thing. They all have some history or connection with AIDS activism. the AIDS activist project celebrates the people who made up this movement so, it's only natural that something goes back to resources for AIDS and the activism that got us to where we are today.

We can't ignore that fact, that we'd be somewhere else today if people didn't raise their voices and put their bodies on the line.

So, join me in supporting these groups, get your copy of the AIDS activist project and together we'll give something back and support the community.

Saludos & Happy Pride

Bill Bytsura

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