the AIDS activist project

the AIDS activist project

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About me.....

I've been a photographer, well since my teenage years and I've got a lot to share. 

The greatest achievement I have made is the completion and publication of "the AIDS activist project" listed just above. It was on my mind since I began it in 1988, so many years ago, I am so happy it is finished and out there so people will know of these brave folks who fought AIDS. Please take a few minutes to read about the project and visit the project website or Facebook page. 

Below I have listed some of my favorite images I would like to share with you. I carry my camera with me almost all the time. My photography ranges from Street photography to nature to portraits. I hope you can take a few minutes to browse through the images and if so moved, purchase one and support an independent  artist. And always feel welcome to share share share!!! I've just started, so check back to see more of my work!

-Bill Bytsura