the AIDS activist project

From June 17th through June 30th, the AIDS activist project will donate $20.00 ($5.00 to each) from every book sold to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, Reclaim Pride Coalition, Gays Against Guns, and Housing Works. Join me in proudly supporting these diverse organizations and their goals.

It’s been over 31 years since I began this project. Sitting in an ACT UP meeting in New York, I looked around and thought “People need to know….”

Below is a short slideshow of some of the work in the project & how to order the book.

I began photographing members of ACT UP New York in 1989. I then traveled to Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris and cities around the U.S. documenting AIDS activists.

I created ‘informal” formal studio portraits of activist, allowing them to portray anything they wanted. They were the message, I was just the messenger. I strived to create honest images and capture the spirit of each activist.

It’s been 38 years since the first cases of AIDS appeared. AIDS activists took on the challenge and fought for better medical treatments, understanding and compassion for those affected by AIDS. Like the Stonewall Riots 50 years ago, it shows that activism and direct action can lead to change.

This book is dedicated all those who fought and those who died.

For more information and to see more work from the project please visit the project website here. You can purchase the book below.

the AIDS activist project

the AIDS activist project

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